Are You Getting Ready to Retire?

Jonathan Briggs <br>CFP®

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For many clients, Social Security will play a major role in their retirement plan. If you're like most clients you have saved into Social Security for years, but don't know how to truly maximize your benefits for you and your family.

On top of a Social Security break-even analyzer, we spend time with clients talking about their current assets. Whether in a 401k, 403b, or IRA we can help you put together a personalized portfolio to fit your end goals while taking the least risk and giving you the highest probability of success. We are firm believers in active management and use technical analysis to get you that extra return over the benchmark. On top of building a personalized portfolio, we can help make sure that you are saving enough to get to that end destination, a successful retirement!

Our typical client relationship covers some or all of these important areas-

  • debt reduction
  • maximizing employee benefits
  • insurance needs- Life & Long Term Care
  • asset allocation on external investment accounts
  • additional saving strategies
  • education planning
  • retirement income planning (see diagram below)
  • gifting & wealth transfer
  • tax management
  • social security maximization planning

Social Security Cash Flow

Watch our video on social security and retirement planning!