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Helping Meeting your individual needs with comprehensive investment planning

William is dedicated to helping preserve your assets. From retirement planning to estate planning strategies to education funding to tax-efficient investing, William provides a full range of financial services:

  • Retirement planning - Retirement is the most important financial milestone for most clients. William will help implement investment strategies, coupled with risk management strategies, to help you reach your financial goals.
  • Envision® Plan - Combining goals-based guidance with sophisticated statistical modeling. The Envision process is an effective, easy-to-understand process for helping achieve your most important goals. The objective is to allow you to live your life in the best way possible, without undue compromise to your current or future lifestyle, and without taking unnecessary investment risk. Unlike financial planning, Envision does not include a detailed analysis of insurance, real estate investment or savings strategies. It also does not cover estate and tax planning.
  • Portfolio management - William is among a select group of Advisors entrusted to manage client portfolios with discretion through personalized portfolio manangement.
  • Risk management-William specializes in developing a plan designed to help you reach your goals without undue risk or unnecessary financial hardship.
  • Estate planning Strategies - Working with our estate-planning team, William can help you preserve your estate for your heirs, assist with beneficiary designations and structure your holdings to help reduce potential exposure to estate taxes and probate. Additionally, he can arrange review meetings with your team of professional advisors to ensure your will and any existing trust are up to date.

Financial issues related to Divorce

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, William works closely with clients and their attorneys to gather financial documents, discuss tax strategies and help ensure financial health and independence after a divorce.

William provides divorcing clients with other services, too:

  • Cash-flow analysis using bank and brokerage statements
  • Data on marital and non-marital assets
  • Retirement-plans analysis
  • Financial-impact comparison of various settlement options
  • Evaluation of investments to be divided as well as potential tax implications
  • Answer to questions about new financial circumstances, children, investments, etc.
  • Implementation of new investment plans (if requested)

Meeting your business needs with employee and executive benefits packages

Running your business is more complex than ever before. William has access to a wealth of resources to provide your business with strategies for creating benefits packages for your employees and executives. Choosing plans that are both competitive and comprehensive can help your business attract and retain qualified employees.

Investment process

William can serve you effectively after he understands your financial circumstances and investments goals. He'll guide you through the following steps to help you create an investment plan that works for you:

Step 1: Financial Profile-William will gauge your financial resources, liabilities and objectives as well as your investment horizon, risk tolerance and long-term goals.

Step 2: Asset-allocation proposal-Strategic asset allocation can help diversify your portfolio, enhance the potential for better returns, lower overall portfolio volatility and position you to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Step 3: Investment Strategy-William believes it is imperative that you understand and are comfortable with your investment strategy. After you review and approve your investment plan, he'll update you regularly about investment opportunities.

Step 4: Periodic review-In addition to targeted updates and recommendations, you'll stay on top of your investment strategy through monthly statements, quarterly portfolio valuations and annual tax summaries.

Getting Started

Please contact William today at (813) 448-1122 or to schedule a confidential, no-obligation appointment or portfolio review.




*BRIA Capital Group, LLC. does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors before taking any action that may have tax consequences.